We are a strong and reliable partner for single-item and small-series coating.

Our paint booth at the location Ringen.

One of the main areas of our work at the Application Centre in Ringen is the optimisation and application of surface finishing techniques. Here, in modern and environmentally friendly facilities, high-quality coatings are applied to plastic and metal components. Matt, satin or high gloss, any shade or multiple colours, textured, metallic or pearlescent finishes are all part of our daily work.

Single Item

High-quality from the specialist, for one or more items, and with complex demands on paint and execution.

Clear coated front panels of the flood pumping station in Cologne Langel.
Visual enhancement of display items for exhibitions due to paint.
Various coating options, also with effects and special colours.
"Body in white" upcycled as an advertise for the exhibition "Gedanken Form und Farbe geben".
Every single part is prepared in high precision and painted.
Object of the exhibition "Gedanken Form und Farbe geben". Wheelbarrow and stone tablet were painted with clear lacquer.
Our paint booth are also designed for larger objects, such as truck cabs.

We can offer coating capacity for a variety of projects and objects. Our processes always meet our customers’ special requirements. For example, we paint truck cabs, facade elements, show components, prototypes, show cars and any other objects customers require as a single item or in a small series.

If you have an item you would like to have painted and want to know how to go about it, we are here to answer your questions!

Small Series

From bumpers and mirror covers to park sensors, we paint all the paintable parts inside or on a vehicle.

We can supply you with a painted add-on part that is finished and ready to install. For that reason, individual components are often pre-assembled on the painted add-on parts, a service we are also happy to take care of at the customers' request.

Because we use the very latest production processes, at TopTech Wirtz we can guarantee that our work is of outstanding quality. Our processes are flexible and can be adjusted at any time to meet the special requirements of our customers. Changes of colour, material or piece numbers are quickly integrated into our workflow. This guarantees order processing in the shortest possible time for our customers and cost-effective production.


Single-Item and Small-Series Coating


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