The high standard of our work is the foundation of our company philosophy.

The facilities in our own physical and chemical testing laboratory are equipped to the latest standards of analytical technology. It is here that we not only inspect our own paint finishes but also offer a range of measurement services that are fully adaptable to customer requirements. Colour, gloss, coat thickness and adhesion tests are as central to our work as climatic tests specific to our customers.

All required specifications, DIN norms and other standards of our business partners are naturally incorporated in our quality management system.


We work to internationally recognised standards.

In order to ensure that the very rigorous demands we make on process quality in all areas of our work can be documented credibly and objectively, we have certification in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015. This certification means more to us than simply a confirmation of what we do and a reference for our company. We see it much more as a commitment we have entered into and the basis of the work we do every day.


Protecting the environment and using resources responsibly are concerns that are very close to our hearts. We take the corresponding legal requirements very seriously and ensure that we always remain well below the permissible limits.

We know that protecting the environment is an ongoing process and one that demands constant optimisation. Our employees are kept informed on a permanent basis and are trained both in-house and externally. We specifically encourage individual responsibility and initiative. Our aim is to satisfy future requirements here and now.

We have taken various steps to ensure that we continue to live up to our own aspirations as an environmentally friendly company now and in the future. One of these steps was to commission a photovoltaic system in 2012. It has a total surface area of almost 600 sq m and an output power of 92.4 kWp, making us entirely energy self-sufficient.