TopTech Wirtz

We are a Europe-wide specialist for paint application and paint shop process optimisation for the automotive industry. We welcome the opportunity to offer you our services and together find innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Our Company

TTW TopTech Wirtz has extensive experience in the application and optimisation of paint processes.

The technical centre in the Innovationspark Rheinland.

Founded in 1996 as a sole proprietorship by Dr Rainer Wirtz, the company has evolved into a diverse service organisation supported by a strong team of engineers, technicians, painters and designers. Our service package covers technical service, technical sales, technical planning, OEM coating and surface design.

A comprehensive package of services from individual components to paint process optimisation

Our team delivers high-precision work in every detail. We offer process planning and optimisation, outsourcing services for coagulation or other process stages, training your employees in pre-treatment, application, sanding and polishing and spot repair, OEM coating of small components, and our own product developments.

Regular testing and certification guarantee the quality of our performance and our services

Efficient processes and the flat hierarchy within our teams mean that we can translate your specific requirements quickly and flexibly into sustainable and forward-looking concepts. Regular inspections, testing and certification guarantee and confirm the quality of our services and products. We operate our own physical and chemical testing laboratory and independent Application Centre, where we research, monitor and train handling and processing of eco-friendly waterbourne paints. Our active role in research and development relating to water-based paints has meant that TTW has been a driving force in the industry for many years.