Measurement Services

TopTech Wirtz offers a comprehensive service package of measurement and physical testing methods for painted surfaces.

Detailed dirt-in-color analysis with the Keyence VHX-6000 Digital Microscope.
Using BYK-mac i for total colour control of effect finishes with sparkle and graininess.
Using the BYK micro-wave-scan for DOI measurements as well on curved parts.
Thickness verification by the Fischer MP0R
Painted attachments in cyclic climate tests.
Reading and analysing of measurement results of the BYK-mac i.

TopTech Wirtz offers a comprehensive service package of measurement and physical testing methods for painted surfaces.The measurements that follow an initial visual assessment of a painted surface are an indispensable part of the quality assurance process. As an independent company, we can offer our customers an objective analysis and assessment of all kinds of painted surface, directly on site if they wish. We test properties such as colour, gloss, thickness and adhesion and run climatic tests, which we can adjust according to customer specifications. The measurement technology we use includes the following:

  • Keyence VHX-6000 digital microscope
  • BYK-mac i spectrophotometer
  • X-RITE MA96 spectrophotometer
  • BYK micro-wave-scan for orange peel and DOI measurements
  • Fischer MP0R for thickness measurements
  • VLM test cabinet for cyclic climate tests

All instruments are re-certified by their respective manufacturers at regular intervals. This ensures that our test results are not only of a high standard, they can also be used as a reliable reference for testing, compliance monitoring and documentation of customer specifications.

Field Analysis and Benchmarking

Parallel to individual analysis in our own laboratory, we also offer our customers various field measurement services. The particular focus here is on quality assessment and interpretation of the individual results. In this process, the planning and objective of the analyses can be adjusted specifically to customer wishes.

All the measurement results and analyses we obtain are naturally subject to absolute secrecy and only ever used as previously defined in the customer's order.


Measurement Services


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